Chicken & Galangal Soup

Serves 4

A real gem in a bowl, a creamy, spicy, sour and sweet broth that is so packed full of flavour, with body and layers of flavour, Dtom Kha. 

Ingredients Needed



4 chicken thighs, bone in

3-4 tablespoon Tom yum paste

750ml chicken stock

375ml coconut milk 

375ml coconut cream 

pinch of salt 

2 palm sugar cakes

3 lemongrass stalks, trimmed 

1 red shallot 

4 coriander root

4 Thai chilies 

11 slice Galangal (fresh, frozen or pickled)

6 kaffir lime leaves (whole)

200g oyster mushroom, tore 


3 kaffir lime leaf, sliced thinly 

4-5 green Thai chilli , semi smashed 

coriander leaf 

2 tablespoon lime juice - per bowl being served

2 fish sauce - per bowl being served 


In a sauce pot combined the stock, tom yum paste and the coconut milk. Brin to a simmer.  Add the chicken thigh,  salt, palm sugar, lemongrass, galangal, red shallot, kaffir lime, chilli and coriander root. Simmer for 20 mins or until the chicken is about to fall off the bone. Add the mushroom, turn off heat. Set aside.

Add the garnish to the serving bowls. Add stock and serve. 

Serve with Jasmine rice 


Season the bowl with the fish sauce and the lime juice and the fresh coriander leaf, chilli and kaffir lime leaf. This will give the soup a fresh taste, non bitter after taste and a real hit of sour. Taste and adjust if needed. 

Shop Ingredients 

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Palm Sugar Cake



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