Omelet Stuffed Mince Pork 

Serves 4

A rich and spicy breakfast Omelet stuffed with a hearty filling. Fresh and a great starter for the day. 

Ingredients Needed


8 free range eggs                                          

1 teaspoon fish sauce                                   

2 tablespoon coriander root                       

1 teaspoon Chicken powder                           


300gm pork mince

1 tablespoon rice oil               

2 tablespoon oyster sauce 

1 teaspoon fish sauce                                  1 teaspoon garlic                     

1 teaspoon sugar

2 tablespoon coriander root                        4 Thai chilies                             


*handful sawtooth coriander & sliced long chilies 

In a saucepan heat the rice oil. Add garlic and chilli and sweet off. 

Add the pork and cook until light grey in colour then add the oyster sauce and sugar. Simmer until the liquids have been evaporated. 


Beat the eggs in a bowl with the fish sauce, coriander and chicken powder. 


In a wok (or omelet pan) add a little oil, when hot pour the egg mixture into the wok. Pull the egg mixture back to the centre of the wok. Lift the wok on a slight angle so the egg mixture runs back to the edge where you started. Repeat a few times so the egg mixture cooks evenly and also increases in size. 


Once the egg mixture has set on the bottom, add the pork mixture to the centre of the omelet. Carefully fold the omelet in half. Place on a plate and serve with beansprouts, sawtooth coriander, chillies and sriracha. 

Shop Ingredients 

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