Pork Hock Chinese 5 Spice

Serves 6

Palo is a famous Thai street food dish that can be found through out Bangkok. Rich broth, pork hock and 5 spice coat the pallet, served with a side of chilli vinegar to brake it all down into a mouthful of wonders. Creamy egg, fresh bok choy and a choice of salted pickled cabbage. 

Ingredients Needed


The Paste 

1 whole garlic bulb, skin on

5 coriander root 

3 tablespoon galangal, fresh, frozen or pickled

3-4 teaspoon five spice powder 

1 tablespoon white pepper 

The Broth 

2 pork hock, cut in half. (Not trotter)  - ask butcher to cut lengthwise 

4 ltr water or chicken stock 

125ml black Thai soy sauce 

250ml thin Thai soy sauce 

180ml Thai oyster sauce 

180ml Shao Hsing wine

125g palm sugar, soft 

4 pandan leaves, tired into a knott


8 eggs, boiled for 8 mins 

3 whole bok choy, cut in half 

Pickled mastard - optional 

Side dressing 

10 Thai chilli - sliced

500ml distilled vinegar 

1 garlic clove - sliced


Turn on a gas flame, burn any hair on the pork hock, set aside.  Place the garlic bulb straight onto the flame, burn the garlic skin until the outter layer is burnt off. Set aside. Boil the eggs for 8 mins. cool, peel and set aside. 


In a large pot add all the paste and broth ingredients. Add pork hock eggs and cook for 3 to 4 hours covered on a low to medium heat.  The pork should fall off the bone, the egg should be dark in colour. 


Cut the pickled cabbage, wash.  In a small sauce pot add a little pork stock to cover the cabbage. Simmer with the cabbage  until the pork stock has evaporated. Set aside. 

Steam the boy choy, set aside. 

Once the pork hock has fallen off the bone, turn off and set aside. 

To serve, 

1 serving of rice onto a flat bowl, place pork hock on top of the rice with a little broth, steamed bok choy, boiled egg and a side of cabbage.  

Sprinkle with chilli  vinegar as much as wanting. 

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